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  • Signal Plan

    The use of smoke, in the form of 40mm and hand tossed grenades, is to be used to both communicate and obstruct enemy line of sight to ease movement. Each smoke color with have an associated meaning when seen. The following outlines the default meaning of each smoke color. These assigned meanings may be altered per mission, with the exception of red smoke, at the discretion of higher headquarters. In this event, these changes MUST be specified in the respective OPORD under the “Command and Signal” section.

    • Green - Identify a friendly position.
    • Red - Identify an enemy position.
    • Yellow - Identify a mass casualty situation. While this does not mean that there are no medic(s) around, it does mean that they need help in treating the casualties on their own and are requesting assistance from other medic or combat lifesavers.
    • Purple - Identify a mass casualty where ground has lost comms with air for the call of a medevac and air will begin planning their own LZs for the situation
    • Blue - Identify a rally point OR mark HLZ/DZ/LZ locations in conjunction with green smoke.
    • Orange - Identify a controlled demolition or explosives.
    • White - Concealment.


    Similar to smoke brevity, chemlights will have an assigned meaning to their use based on color. As chemlights have a long lasting effect, their use is assigned to identifying situations which require the mark to remain in effect for some time.

    • Green - Identify a cleared building or terrain.
    • Red - Used by EOD to mark path around a minefield
    • Blue - Used to mark HLZ/DZ/LZ locations in conjunction with green chemlights.
    • Yellow - Identify friendly casualties.


    IR chemlights, strobes and lassos will compliment and support our signal plan during night. It should be noted the IR lasso can last as long as the operator desires and can be utilized for short or long signaling duration. While the infrared brevity overlaps with the other brevity signal plans, it should be used in conjunction.

    • IR Chemlight - Identify a friendly position.
    • IR Strobe - Used to attach to friendly vehicles in a tactical environment OR identify a friendly position.
    • IR Lasso - Used to mark HLZ/DZ/LZ locations hastily. (Used by signaling a circle in the sky with the operators PEQ15 Laser). Can also be used to signal friendly ground forces by just pointing the laser in the air with no movement.

    Spray Paint

    Spray paint shall be utilized to mark buildings once they have been cleared of enemy presence at the discretion of command. Once authorized, the building is to be marked near ALL entrances with the appropriate signal. Markings are not to be placed on glass or the door itself as these may become dislodged. In lieu of a solid wall near an entrance, the marking is to be placed on the ground immediately in front of the door.

    • Green X - Cleared building or terrain.
    • Red X - Cleared building with a weapons cache that requires demolition.
    • Red XX - Trapped building, Requiring EOD to attempt to defuse explosive.
    • Red XXX - Trapped building, EOD unable to defuse avoid entering at all cost.
    • Blue X - Casualty Collection Point (CCP).
    • Blue XX - Headquarters OR a building holding HVTs, VIPs, POWs or EPWs.
    • Black X through any of the above symbols - Is used to denote and error or change that results in the symbol being disregarded.
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